About us

Soulness is like wellness, but it’s all about your soul.

The internet provides unlimited resources on how to become healthier, more beautiful, more productive, even more conscious about life and living. Yet the vast amount of information often makes it difficult to know where to start.

One of the goals of this publication is to help guide you in that journey. We filter all that information available to you and share it on our site, through Twitter, and on our Facebook page, but the best we’ll save for our magazine.

Life is about quality, not quantity. The subtitle for Soulnessis “the magazine for quality life.” We believe that life is not measure by how much we can acquire but by what we become and how we develop our inner selves. The process is long and rugged and requires energy and effort. Soulness will provide information and practical guides on holistic healing, simplicity, yoga, ayurveda, health, ecological gardening, and spirituality. You will find delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes to cook for your family and guests.

And to protect the environment, Soulness is available only online.

If you are a writer or blogger, and you have some wisdom to share with other readers of Soulness, we welcome submissions. We aim to provide a channel, a medium, for those who are expert in communicating in the fields that Soulness values. Email us at [email protected]

Soulness will always be free of charge, but if you feel our efforts worthy and would like to contribute to the ongoing publishing, then our site shows the way to do that.

We hope you enjoy Soulness and find it useful every day…


Let our journey begin.


Mihály Kozák
Publisher and Editor in Chief of Soulness Magazine